Did Valentine’s Day come around far too quickly this year? It seems that we just about get through the Christmas and New Year period and then it’s already time to start buying someone you love some more gifts to show them how special they are to you. But don’t worry if you’ve forgotten, it’s not too late to buy something you know is worth waiting for. Here are just a few gift ideas from tReds:

Our Ruby Shoo Range

Perhaps you both have some special occasions planned for this spring/summer time. You know how stressful it can be trying to find the perfect shoes last minute, so why not treat your partner to a pair of heels for that special occasion?

Our new spring/summer collection from Ruby Shoo is an absolute must. Their styles have become increasingly popular over the last few years and this season’s collection is a must see. Rose gold is an on-trend colour that everyone loves, so why not check out Ruby Shoo’s Yasmin style? They feature an ankle strap with a petite buckle for added detail, a beautiful floral design and a small heel for added height. You can’t go wrong with this style for Valentine’s Day and this is a style we’re sure your partner will love. These heels match perfectly with the Ruby Shoo Phoenix bag which can also be found on our website. This bag matches with its floral design and rose gold corsage.

Perhaps you’ve both got a few BBQ’s or parties to attend? An alternative style from Ruby Shoo is their Polly option which comes in this stunning coral colour. This shoe also comes with an ankle strap which can be adjusted for a comfortable fit, a scallop trim around the ankle and a heel for added height. These heels match perfectly with the Ruby Shoo Monaco bag which can be styled as a hand held clutch bag, although it does come with a shoulder strap. This bag also has the same floral design as the heels so they will make the ideal statement pieces for your partner’s summertime outfit.

Not only does our new Ruby Shoo collection offer a wide range of heels but there are also some unique handbags. Our favourite options are the Ruby Shoo Riva bag in blue stripes and it navy spots. Both are perfect for casual wear but can be styled for those more formal occasions. We love the large buckle on the front of the bag that really makes this style stand out from any other.

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